"This self is the vehicle of our own …."

Every man should have dreams, hopes and ideals in his life. if humans do not have dreams, hopes and ideals will certainly like the people who live without any direction or purpose.

Like myself this is a vehicle that we wheel to reach a place or destination. if we are not able to drive ourselves then of course this self purpose.if not get to where we are not able to drive yourself this then of course there will be others who drives this self. His matter whether we are ready to give confidence to people who will drive this self. and if such an incident it then we must really choose the people we can trust to steer this away and we are also ready to be a good passenger. it would be better it we own it so we drove her to feel pleasure at the destination of our operating results. means before we can steer ourselves this would require knowledge of driving. science that we can get from various sources such as its from people who can drive his vehicle, driving instructions from books and from various media that provide knowledge about driving.

its like us who want to achieve dreams, hopes and ideals of this course must bring ourselves to achieve it. This would bring themselves to science. with science then we will understand how to bring this self dreams, hopes and ideals. knowledge that in the search must comply with the dreams, hopes and ideals. we can gain knowledge from people who could carry her self well, from Al Qur’an and Al-Hadith and the various references that provide the knowledge to achieve dreams, hopes and our ideals.

If the science driving that we’ve got so that we have understood then we must be willing to accept it. because science will be embedded in ourselves when the mind and heart in line. if science is only embedded in the mind just then happened that science is just as rote that at any time will be lost or even revoked. if science is only embedded in the hearts alone then we would just drive away, according to our prejudices without considering right or wrong. then we match between reason and the heart (to Relax) in receiving science. God willing, this self drive as part of worship is caused by the knowledge that in mind and get accepted by the liver in purely intended solely for seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT (the Relax).

Also not enough we only accept the science driving with reason and heart alone. because the vehicle (self) needs to be run. science point of driving it will be really helpful if we feel in practice (in resume practicing). current science practice driving it so we need people who train and assist us to be able to drive a vehicle (self) this. of course that’s his people who have experience and knowledge more than we do. we would not be embarrassed and reluctant to ask these people. as the saying goes astray on the road embarrassed to ask. Just try us daring to drive alone without the trained people more experienced and knowledgeable, that there would be confusion if we are in the sciences can be confronted with the real condition that happened on the streets. could then something happens that does not want the vehicle (self) us. His name certainly social human beings can not escape from the help of others.

Well, we’ve not be able to run the vehicle (away) this. next stage of his means we must have sincerity (jihad) to bring vehicle (itself) is toward the dreams, hopes and ideals. lest they see something that turns us to continue driving on the road to dreams, hopes and ideals, we are willing to turn the steering wheel and even turn directions. where our sincerity?.

Just because the way in through the vehicle (self) is very steep, full of thistles, full of thorns, very long, wavy and her other as we are willing to turn direction?!? as a professional driver who was certainly no desire to be able to arrive at the desired destination path in the pass despite its not as good as what he thinks. its professional drivers will certainly enjoy the way of his. then as a driver for the vehicle (itself) is certainly as reasonable as it was already mentally and physically prepared for any sacrifice in achieving goals in the dream, the hope and aspire. if there is no sense of sacrifice that we will not be able to survive driving a vehicle (itself) is on the road full of thorns and thistles and the other as his to get to the dreams, hopes and our ideals. without sacrifice we are willing to look the other way more fun. whereas only one of his path-one that must go through if you want to dream, hope and aspiration that. This actually is pillihan us to continue moving backward or even turn directions due to not only our readiness to make sacrifices.

It turned out that was in decided to continue driving on this road and ready to make sacrifices. then the next stage of her is that we obey all the rules and commands for the vehicle (itself) can be safely reached the destination that is expected. we no longer hesitate to rule and command it, whether such signs, laws, and even command the police officer (^ _ ^). regulations and orders it to guide the vehicle travel (self-) us. guidelines on the analogy like Al Qur’an and Al-Hadith. let me not stray / lost then we must be ready to obey him and be ready to obey those who called on him, whether the Holy Prophet, his companions and his followers who remain istiqomah bring his treatise. if not ready to obey means not ready to go to dreams, hopes and our ideals.

Obedience must be in selimuti with steadfast determination because otherwise we would not be strong to keep the rules and commands. and was in fear of vehicle (self) that we kemudikan will stop in the middle of the road. or even because of saturation of us then we will be breaking some rules and orders that can result in less well to the vehicle (self) us. when suddenly there was a policeman cause it ourselves then we will have a criminal record. then it was as good as we remain true to comply with existing regulations and constantly renew our determination.

Persistence of the existing regulations and orders as the driver who proves we have a loyalty. and his usual there will be just reward that we get from the direction that is not in the thought-sangka.Ooo yes, when we drive a vehicle (self), we then we must know the meaning of brotherhood (ukhuwah). because the vehicle (self) we are big enough and wide to be brought somewhat mubadzir if the vehicle leave the bleachers (ourselves) we were empty. then we always invite our brothers the others to be able to join together our dreams, hopes and ideals of the same and mulia.Kita could also call upon other people who are carrying vehicles (self) to join his entourage heading into a dream , hopes and ideals are the same and noble. but meyerukan not mean to impose, just be aware that dreams, hopes and our ideals was very beautiful and noble.with shared dreams, hopes and ideals in the frame ukhuwah Islamiyah all obstacles and hurdles can be minimized. we can complement each other and understand the advantages and disadvantages which is owned by the vehicle (self), each of us. although vehicle (self) each brought our brothers of different but still one heart to be able to arrive at the beautiful and noble purpose. as we all know that stage Islamiyah ukhuwah it begins with a sense of each other (ta’aruf), understand (tafahum), helping each other (ta’awun) and mutual guarantees between one another (takaful). The most basic foundation in ukhuwah before to know each other well which is always biased (Husnu Dzon) and its highest level after the introduction of a mutual guarantee of the existence of his sense of mutual self-sacrifice for the sake of his brother (itsar). journey that we must go together will be wonderful if our brothers and sisters with one heart toward goals, dreams, hopes and noble ideals.

And lastly, because of vehicle travel (ourselves) we are to reach the noble goals it was very long and winding then we and our brothers must always have a sense of mutual trust in the truth. when mutual trust is fading then let us renew it.

How can we trust people who do not bring good to the vehicle (self) we ?….
How can we trust the people we turn away from the road to dreams, hopes and ideals of beautiful and noble it? …
How can we trust the people who turned out to weaken us to get to the dreams, hopes and ideals of beautiful and noble it? …
How can we trust the people who turned out to abort the vehicle (away) from our trip we have right azzam (his determination) to go through? …
How can we trust those who offer the dreams, hopes and ideals that pseudo? …

“O those who believe, do not you take a friend beliefs people outside your circle (because) they do not stop (cause harm to you. They liked what trouble you. Have a real hatred from their mouths, and what hidden by their hearts even more. really has us explain to you the verses (Us), if you understand it. “(QS.Ali Imran (3): 118)

“You are the best people are born to humans, sent to the goodness, and prevent it from being unjust, and faith in God. Around his faithful scribe, it would have been better for them: among them there are who believe, and most they are the ones who rebel. “(QS.Ali Imron (3): 110)

O souls that carry vehicles (himself) his own haste to determine the dreams, hopes and ideals for which we can determine the way we choose to be ready to go through ….


~ oleh Vandi Al-faqir pada 05/02/2011.

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