"Generation Ghuroba …"

Messenger of Allah said (which means), “Verily, Islam first appeared in strange circumstances and will be returned as originally foreign. And blessed are those foreigners (alghuroba’).”( saheeh hadeeth narrated by Muslim)

“Blessed are those who are strangers (alghuroba ‘). (They are) those who are righteous in the midst of people who behave badly. And people are more hostile than that followed them. “(Saheeh hadeeth narrated Ahmad)

“Blessed are those who are strangers (alghuroba ‘). Those who made repairs (for reconciliation) when human damage. “(Saheeh hadeeth narrated by Abu Amr Ad Dani and Al Ajurry)

Ghuroba came from the word ‘ghurbah’. Ghurbah word split into three main groups namely ghain letters, ra’dan ba ‘.

Ghurbah word has several senses:

1. An bu’du wal-Nawa (distance and away)
2. An-nuzuhu ‘wal ightirab annealing Wathan (and flee into exile from the homeland).
3. Al-ghareeb (foreigners).
4. Al-ghumudhu khafa’u wal wa ‘adamusy syuhrati (vagueness, hidden and not popular).
5. Adh-dzihabu wat tanahhi ‘aninnasi (avoid and turn away from others).

Being part Ghuroba generation is a dream, hope and ideals. because the number of generations Ghuroba tu slightly so lucky if I can be part Ghuroba generation though few in number but the quality is a thousand times as much (a bit too much time yes ..?!). Because Ghuroba generation has the willingness and ability to make improvements among the people a lot of damage the damage that occurs not only damage the forest alone, but to moral corruption (far from Islamic values.)

Well, the role and presence of highly Ghuroba generation in his later-later, expected by the people. eitss .. .. but do not always feel so much a part of Ghuroba generation will be famous, have lots of money plus accounts at various banks, building terraced houses, private cars lined up in the trunk, each day eat five star food and when we are present in the community at the request of his signature (the artist was suddenly time yes ..). Ghuroba generation life far from luxury, very simple, always have enough with what is, many people who do not like him, maybe until someone said yes crazy times (Revelation. outrageous too, if comes to that), there is also a strange / Frick, and its other.

Do not give in to not be Ghuroba generation. I’ll always be faced with trials and obstacles in his life because it always made repairs, but their hearts and souls are very peaceful and calm. because they always believe that Allah is always with and help them. lucky if could be Ghuroba generation because there is intrinsic happiness that Allah has prepared for them.

What sich that must be proud with this world??!? If it’ll end the whole universe and its contents including the earth would be destroyed unless there is a place that would not be destroyed Heaven and Hell are places where it is not fantasy or fairy tales or a mirage but an eternal life where there was no grave and hospital (he.. he ..). His principal heaven and hell are real places we live. so the world is just a joke and a game (mortal).

If in heaven it is always filled with happiness and prosperity exceed the happiness and prosperity in the world. there is no such thing as poor people, beggars or even legal mafia (he.. he ..). there was a lot of rivers and parks (try again viewed his Al Qur’an translations.) there is also no sense of grief, sadness, melancholy, injustice and others that clear heaven where back and shelter the most is the best. very sorry if anyone is not willing to let a message on his heart could to heaven. continue to do just wanted to heaven but no let his condition get there. His condition is in Al Qur’an and Al-Hadith just try think of it ..

if in Hell is always filled with torment and suffering. exceeding torment and suffering that we never feel in the world. not absent from the torment. if anyone tried to remove or truant from hell also can not (guard very, very tight). imagine we are never given time off or hours of rest from the torment and suffering his name every second is always in torment but there are no words to die again. so we’ll continue forever in torment and suffering (indeed there is a willing ..?). there also was given food, beverages, clothing and place as well but do not imagine there are good drink pus that his name, his food embers of hell, her clothes too hot (it certainly uncomfortable ..) continues to exist in her hot spot very very hot (can not express with words.)

For more details about the life of her heaven and hell we can figure out a way to open more love letters Allah is Al-Qur’an Al-Hadith plus but not quite in the open but in reading his verses plus his translation, understood / in reflection, and in resume practicing alone or in practice in everyday life ..


~ oleh Vandi Al-faqir pada 05/02/2011.

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