A Heart of Devotion For Muslim Sister

Islamic Muslim Sister you daughter for this deen. “May Allah Almighty always protect the sanctity of your pride in the enormity of the slander and exams.”.

Muslim Sister, Sister Islamic homeland in the country …

Tonight there is anxiety that infiltrated into the soul. I woke up with anxiety ties. dewy my eyes as my bedroom window every night of the winter wet by the dew which is so piercing. no sound other than screams – screams that echoed in the inner ear canal when the country thought of doin that in the alkali earth slander so big.

Sister Islamic homeland in the land …

I picked up my pen after recite a string of prayer. Hopefully rebound anxiety pen makes soul-your soul will realize what we actually feel. Until the pen is moved to advise.

Muslim Sister …

If the dance of the pen this anxiety too talkative and dry, may drop nodes along this paper can soothe your mood like when the presence of summer drizzle.

Islamic Sister who is reading this devotional heart, is there just a few minutes in the middle of your busy with school work / college / work ..? And is there a while just to take your heart and feelings by reading the dance of the pen on a white sheet of this ..? And is there a form of patience that each side decorated with attention to finish reading the musings of this heart until the end ..? I beg you not feel an objection or stolen your time to simply listen to muse heart of someone who perhaps never knew thee.

Sister Islamic …

Let this pen dances gently scrape the white sheets as a painting of my heart I was in love and jealous because God Almighty. Allow yourself to write this frank string of sentences which I have previously written on the sheet before my heart I pour it on this white sheet. I did not know whether you feel happy or even hated by the presence of reflections of this heart that you never expected before. I submit all to the owner of the heart of every soul that God Almighty …

Sister Islamic …

Accidentally I wrote this devotional heart for you, because I hope through this careful reflection can be advice that makes your pride like a jasmine that blooms fragrant glow ..

Muslim Sister …

I write this heart muse when I was frantic and restless hearts to see you doing. Until sometimes just caress his chest as the hidden pity in the soul.

How not pity if every day I see the sister-sister stripped naked private parts ..? Stripped piece by piece price clothing himself in front of millions of people as the spectacle of the cheerleaders who devoted themselves to the devil lust.

How not fret if every time I hear pobud nodai sister-sister in her honor, even giving his whole body for sale at cheap magazines that plunges into ravine adultery, chasm that disgusting inappropriate undertaken unless the animals are not intelligent.

Hmmz …. how the self is not sad cry that it is actually the demon troops herded them into the valleys behind the devilish laughter and fame who is actually a hoax.

Sister Islamic homeland in the country …

Do you not know yourselves that there is a clear warm dripping wet at the sight of these two cheeks doin ..? However, if you never understood the meaning of a tear from someone who expects your pride in sustaining glory Islamic banner for this deen, until finally you are reluctant to listen to her advice that may Allah swt make wasilah goodness for yourself in the world and the Hereafter.

I wrote this heart twist as the advice for you Because God Almighty alone. Scratch my mouth Could it no longer Pls talk Because the sister-sister was deceived increasingly indiscriminate WHO Indulgence in front of the male genitalia, They are a prey Proud To Be To The wolves swashbuckler Love lies, as though they’d never be sad and Sins to accumulate very proud every day. Fornicate with every Man Who wants to satisfy his evil lust. road swing like a worm in hot night clubs, spending the days and nights with a slight rebound music, Leave the palace Towards entertainment platforms. His face was blackened behind thick makeup powder That never washed his sacred ablutions are enlightening, His forehead was far from prostrating as his depraved behavior That is not appropriate. grooming and dress up for the sake of selling in adultery.

Oh … how far they were from the caress my dear husband, since they are a wolf lover of sharp fangs and nails. Never enjoyed a joke with the kids loved because they forbade their womb for conceiving a child as a gift from Arrahman, Rahim them dirty with semen illegitimate and disgusting. Naudzu billahi mindzalik

O Sister Islamic …

Not until the correct word to you from the sky will be mostly inhabitants of hell are women ..? What has not come to the admonition of the book and sunnah about the people than among women in Allah forbade jannah smell ..? And the smell that wafted from a distance jannah 500 years of travel. That the women cheerleaders in the world without heeding His commandments.

Sister Islamic …

Up here I do not know whether these words penetrate into the recesses of your heart, To make you willing to improve myself thought for a moment became a true Muslim ..? A true Muslim who lives happily with my beloved husband faithful to heaven. True Muslimah whose spirit is rich with sincere affection to the beloved child. And Muslim women whose lives are precious because true to close his private parts.

I hope still remains a bit of a chance to browse the pen scratches on this white sheet.

Sister Islamic homeland in the country …

I wrote this heart twist Pls conscience screaming and yelling in pain to see your pride trampled by the dogs at any time you lurk Wicked, They hide behind the savagery of his lust love sweet and charming words, Emancipation and gender equality are crap Seduction Actually, hide all but They Were Their hearts filled with treason and Their depraved trick.

Sister Islamic homeland in the country …

Both eyes have been difficult to open and staring at the day-to-day sprinkled with disobedience and this ear was also tired of hearing the music of Satan’s followers lawful evil, Each time and space music that resonates in the ears with love poems lies, In become an idol and memorized the teens more than his love of the verses of the Quran is noble, even hundreds of thousands out to watch a music concert, with overcrowding and prancing cheerful. Even among those who died there in place of sinners with the accompaniment of guitar sounds and bands that neglect.

Sister Islamic …

Until when it’s dry the tears and pain until when it’s over, I do not understand the answer. I can only give advice for the souls that receive it, Sister Islamic world is still drowning in the cradle, I hope you, immediately terminate your gray days where the flowers were dropping off your pride in the hands of uncivilized beetles.

Sister Islamic …

Allow me to pile forward again this grief devotional scratches hearts. And even if it be honest heart is often crying see Islamic princesses in shame hamstrung by a knife-blade mode, torn by a dagger pierced emancipation and gender equality with a sword. Indeed they have justifies any means. in order to realize the aim passions.

Sister Islamic …

Enemies has prepared thousands of faithful women who fight in the way the devil, they give your whole body to destroy pornographic films through magazines and millions of sites depraved cursed, They give beautiful voice sang hymns to Satan that they are on call with love, Every day they talk with their subhat with the support of hundreds of news media.
Islamic Ukhti whose heart is still framed graceful confidence that the Lord God Almighty is his gods, fears and jealousy in our hearts not because most of you have been trapped in the dark alleys. Even among yourselves have been carried away with trite phrases from the tramp on the big screen and magazine nuts in the street, Between you have been lulled by the planets, no more words of shirk is decorated with the predictions of crime

Sister Islamic …

I’m worrying because subhat in you will cover as your compulsory clothing which they wear a small scarf of many colors stimulate the eye. Walking in front of the guy with jeans and tight clothes. Primp and peppered his face stinging perfume that everyone who passes. They look really sully Islamic purity of Islam. ignorance behind the new model. Where are they among the Islamic hijab is taught Prophet ..? Where are they among the Islamic tradition that is exemplified Prophet’s wives ..? Why still no Muslim who had not even known tabarujj al qur’an headscarf while she heard every day ..?

Sister Islamic …

What makes you hate the veil when she was graceful clothes .. you in the eyes of God Almighty? What makes you hesitate with the hijab when she honor guard from the spy bitch, Why are you more like dressing up too much with the body open into the arena adultery evil eye. If not please Allah swt pleasure of who else will you find ..?

Sister Islamic …

I wrote this reflection for you because there is a price to you pay with expensive at the limit of infinite time, and indeed a fragment of breath that will not come back this will testify before the divine. But the fact is why there is so heart mortgaged dignity and honor for the sake of a piece of money ..? Even the price he did not like the fragrance of flowers anymore because the market fluctuates according to adultery ..

Sister Islamic …

Common sense which one willing to sell his self-esteem with only a bottle of shampoo or soap to bare in the eyes of millions of people. Ah … perhaps you too had a dream to reach fame and forget the ordeal as a ransom. Know your body every day you’re dressed that had awaited the caterpillars are ready to undermine .. rotten? And yourself known to people as stars like adultery which in savage man who lied on his wives, Do you love to meet you and yours at the death of a mascot in disobedience ..?

Hmmz … I hope you understand the heart of this reflection. Behold, I really want you to embrace Islam with kaffah. I want you to feel a bit of faith after that you can not turn to ignorance I want you to sip a drop of guidance that makes you thirsty lust treated forever, May Allah make you love faith and despise the streets of ignorance and wickedness.

Sister Islamic …

If not for this deen what good advice this talkative my pen alunkan. Hopefully at least my advice is free of charge as a “dumb devils” that pleased with the crime. Furthermore twist hopefully this heart to be advice and hujjah that deliver to Janah eternal coupled with an angel.

Sister Sister Islamic …

I hope you do not get bored reading this devotional heart, as it is honest advice from someone who love and jealousy because God Almighty with dignity sister, If not for the pleasure of Allah Almighty will never be my pen scratched this for you .. Hopefully, every word you read you can understand and value of worship beside Allah swt

Sister Islamic …

Remember the Muslim at the time of friends, the pleasure of Allah Almighty and His Messenger is the ultimate goal. No unmoved face babble idolaters in holding his deen. Hasten to welcome the call of Allah Almighty, even in different moments rijal they are ready to defend the Prophet when the harm, and in his honor talkative. Asma ‘, Nusaibah, Khansa not have to tell me about them because his name had been carved into beautiful in the history of the ummah. Enchantment example blossom scent for the true Muslim.

Sister Islamic …

Look around on the situation of Muslim women today. Who among those who made the wives of the Prophet and Companions as an example ..? In fact they are the ones who in promised by jannah. Even among those whose names have been recorded as hosts of heaven while they are still alive in the world.

Why harlots more in love and so-called from the noble figure that ..? They imitate the hairstyles and clothes completely open. Even if they remote into the valley of adultery they will follow as well. Where is the dignity that O daughter of an Islamic ….? Where is the sacredness out of foul deeds that …?

Look, O daughters of Islamic, look with eyes that shine how thousands of Muslim women have neglected the commandments of God Almighty. Even they do not understand that the veil is mandatory, as prayer and charity, they would sin even if they are reluctant to wear it, but most of them shut down and berate the owner of a pure soul who performed the commandment of God Almighty. Who today is not a veiled sneer large Muslim people and veiled. Obscene taunts, harsh words and insults, the views of hate and anger, and accusations of extreme and old-fashioned sticky mouths to call himself a Muslim ..

Do not they see him the more despicable with adulterous to God Almighty every day ..? Do not they aware of the threat of punishment of Allah is so sore ..? And do not they understand that the price he has been rotting creature surrounded by dirty devil worshiper lust ..?

Sister Islamic …

If the animals wolves just wants meat, but the wolf man wants something more valuable than that, He wants you to lose self-esteem. They tried to hunt down your pride and tore up the bed of adultery after that you laughed because you like animals bitch who has no dignity anymore and then they make you purchase the arena for the worshipers of lust.

Sister Islamic …

do not be fooled decay plots demon-wrapped with love false love as Valentine’s Day. What a day it has become sacred to the desecration of the guise of love and affection, self-esteem How many falsehoods have been floated in and naivete of fact, they remember him as a historic day about the rottenness of their love, record it in the agenda and as the sins it was sweet when she recalled, Naudzubillahi mindzaliq ..

Do not you see women pagan worshipers whose lives wallowing in lust with adultery every day ..? And they killed the child in his stomach before he birth ..? Who knows how many thousands of children who were killed from adultery, God knows how many thousands of children who live not knowing who his father, Hmmz … is that it is you’re looking for .. O Sister-Islamic?

My sister ….

I need not tell me about dating that has become a guide for young people, the heart is sliced into slices when entering and seeing the figures of youth in Islamic universities, on the Mall, the street is also a place of recreation both-be a pair in Seating lonely dating fun.
Jilbab slang that is not frivolous, promiscuity which has been permitted. Music that was sung instead of al qur’an. Only a handful ihwah students and other sisters from the ignorance of God Almighty to save it, And it was under pressure from various circles, May Allah swt his unwavering spirit.

Sister Islamic …

How did you know that someone will be punished because of the love that he is right because God Almighty ally ..? understood that the miss-miss you fake it like a crust of sin in your heart that impede nodes from the guidance of Allah swt ..? And understand if love besides Allah will never immortal though like Romeo and Juliet ..?

So why are so easy you obralkan your love with someone who says “I LOVE YOU” to seduce you ..? Why do those words make you melt helpless and you give all yourself to a strange man who is not your husband ..? Why word it becomes an idol in your heart and you do love Allah swt stains ..? Why, O daughter of the Islamic devil whisper words that actually makes you nervous to sleep and your soul hovering ..?

Simply because you do not understand the love of God Almighty, And you let your heart empty space with love-love Satan, Forget the words from your heart unless your husband is God Almighty halalkan as your clothes. Make your love fields reward, reward field that grows from the roots ma’rifatullah, And mighty strong stalks towering into the sky with tauhidulloh. Keep your love, beware of careless never docked at the pier until you peace of mind by the name of the blessed Islamic marriage.

Hmmz … how many Muslim women were destroyed by his love of wild among wild wolves. Own desires for the sake of a say in the name of true love they leave the entire body from head to foot to the gave spots. Even for the love of his false thousands of people willing to commit suicide.

Sister Islamic …

Try to think clear and crisp. Ask to be honest with your conscience soft. About the fame that you’re hunting or any freedom that you want to go. Do you mean that freedom freedom of dating and adultery, as the women worshipers of pagan lust ..? Does the music in concert prancing freedom are you looking for ..? Or dress up sexy in public that’s what you mean ..? Try asking again all is that happiness of a woman ..? Or is subject to the Shari’ah of Allah Almighty Being a woman who maintained his private parts shalehah ..? A lovingly caressed her husband with affection in the family. So also in want beloved son and daughter in building a happy family.

Ask me … oh Islamic Sister

By Allah ask the hunter’s lust. Are they willing, if their offspring would become a respected female vocalist with a piece of money ..? Do they bear to see her children in the grip of savage wolves ready to tear her self-esteem ..? Ask those who sell themselves every night in night clubs become comfort women. Will they find happiness by sleeping with a man wild and Relax them if his daughter will like him who do not have a price ..? Ask me, O daughters of Islam, ask if you have any doubts. About people who lust was eminent among the worshipers, ask them who waddle in calling for millions of people clapping. Happiness is like what she was looking behind her self-esteem damage.

Sister Islamic …

Why most of you do not realize that most women have become merchandise in the hands of worshipers lust, View and open your eyes along the street full of naked women swept pampangan eyes just anyone. See O daughter Islamiku every woman’s beauty products sold goods with grace. Tv ads and even every second as if not stop showing off her private parts. Who among the most famous TV star ..? None other than the most courageous woman who sells her self-esteem. And you need not ask about cheap newspapers and magazines corner lowly street-corner entertainers show off her naked street thugs.

What are you looking for, O daughter of my Islamic behind it …? What you can with dates and photos together with music … wicked defense?
What good is spending your youth with a courtship with a man who is not necessarily so your husband ..?

My Sister Islamic …

I hope you still with me until the end of this careful reflection, I am always overwhelmed with grief and a sense of restless wrapped for you do not want to understand or do you think is the wind and then about what I reveal on this white sheet. Not that this self want to be remembered, not at all My Sister Islamic O Sister, I do not want any Muslim to be prey for the wolves savage lust worshipers and I do not want them to feel betrayed later regret because her future husband, although they did not know at this time.

Sister Islamic …

If the soft your disposition was still pure, and if the delicate instinct that has not been torn and tarnished I believe, yes by God I’m sure you’ll find your way back from the vacillation that you are facing. No other than by knocking on the door of God Almighty which is open to everyone day and night.

My sister quit out of the darkness. You are the prospective mother who became a role model for sons and daughter. Stay away from friends and the places that will drag you to the brink of humiliation, And begin to know God Almighty with Halaqah Halaqah studying in Islamic studies.

Sister Islamic …

Accompany the brave souls who keep the Shari’ah of Allah Almighty and advise each other in piety and patience.

Sister Islamic …

After you read this reflection I pray thee hopefully become sparkling jewels always soothing view of the pious husband, soon also became a role model for your family and your child, Until Islam can be a beautiful rainbow adorn every household.

And forgive me if the words on a white sheet is too bland and harsh. However aka’m sure you know better what should you do after reading this article. Did not deserve this yourself writing a lot because it’s not worth the scholars write, was not also a poet whose words are like a sparkling pearl in the soul. But I’m just a person who wants to submit advice to the brother of the religion.

If this talkative pen to write the words that cut your heart sad, then that’s not what I meant was no more careful reflection is advice
 which may simultaneously read this letter, the joint guidance also fall on you, Yes I really hope so.

Sister Islamic …

You have big share in the long struggle paved the way, I do not know what would happen if a Muslim woman should behave like a pagan woman who promised Allah damn. Nay, thou dazzled is, in the eyes of Allah they are not worth believing slave women, real beauty is not the face and body but in faith and morals are commendable, you was supposed to be the owner of the beauty of it, yes .. only thou, O daughter Islamic.

And this is the end of the meditation of my heart. Hopefully the end of this reflection is also an end to your indecision to decide to become a true Muslim. So is the end of your days and full of ignorance.

My sister is not too late to become a true Muslim. Dispose of words, “BUT I AM NOT STRONG, family’LL how ..?”. There was no word “LATER” for personal who want to blossom scent. And no word “BUT” to transform itself more vibrantly.

My sister …

Allah faithfully awaits taubatmu every morning noon and afternoon and evening. Immediately repent before the sun rises from the west or the life has arrived in the throat by saying,

Astaghfiruuka wa ‘atuubu ilaih.

“I beg forgiveness and I repent to Allah.”

Now say to yourself:
My sister I am very confident with yourself. You can realize their future goals were noble. Believe me ..!!!


~ oleh Vandi Al-faqir pada 05/02/2011.

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